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    Are hybrid cars, the cars of the future? Only time will tell. I am sure most of you have by now heard about the new hybrid cars in the marketplace today. I'm also sure many of you are saying, "What the heck is a hybrid car anyway?" Well let us see if we as laymen people from the old school of gasoline automobiles can understand these new high tech automobiles. [Read more]

    The Honda Civic Hybrid - A New Breed Of Car

    by Joe Bella

    The Honda Civic Hybrid is one of those marvels of automotive technology that combines the new world of electrical power with the old world of fossil fuels. It may be a marvel of automotive technology, but is it worth the higher price tag? After all, the regular 2006 Honda Civic sedan has a pretty incredible MPG rating, is the hybrid version that much better?

    Well, the answer to that really depends. I'd say yes, no, and maybe all at once. The Honda Civic Hybrid gets an amazing 50-MPG, which is about the same on both cities and highways. This isn't the highest MPG rating out there amongst hybrid vehicles, but it is very good and quite consistent. Owning one will certainly save you money on gas right away. Also, as a certified partial-zero emissions vehicle (AT-PZEV), you really aren't hurting the environment at all by driving one of these things.

    If everyone in the United States had this type of vehicle, the US would not only be completely self-sufficient with its own oil reserves, but would be able to export large amounts of oil to other countries.

    So, if those are issues that are important to you, the new models may be worth looking into just for their environmentally friendly attitude. All hybrid vehicles are still in a somewhat early stage of the technology, however, so they are slightly more prone to technical difficulties. Maintenance costs on your Honda Civic Hybrid may out weigh any money you save in gas. Yet the reduced impact on the environment is of course the same nevertheless.

    The new 2006 model has also undergone some upgrades, making it even more attractive. Like the other Honda Civics, it has gotten of makeover, and looks a whole lot sharper than before. One of the biggest draw backs on the first version for me was its odd appearance. The new ones actually look like regular new cars, and are much better looking than the competing cars of this nature.

    Personally, I'm opting to wait before diving into the hybrid market. Since the sedan gets between 30 and 40 MPG, which in itself is extremely good, I feel safer using the older yet more proven and more reliable gas technology. However, the Honda Civic Hybrid is certainly getting better each year, and I'm sure I'll be reevaluating my thoughts on the idea of getting one soon.

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