A Look At Hybrid Cars

Are hybrid cars, the cars of the future? Only time will tell. I am sure most of you have by now heard about the new hybrid cars in the marketplace today. I'm also sure many of you are saying, "What the heck is a hybrid car anyway?" Well let us see if we as laymen people from the old school of gasoline automobiles can understand these new high tech automobiles. [Read more]


Motorcycle Accident Trends in the US

Motorcycle accidents are becoming more numerous as more people fall in love with these fast, aggressive machines. While many of the accidents are caused by poor driving on the part of the cyclist, there are other factors that cause these terrible accidents. In 2003, 3,661 motorcyclists died in crashes, which was a 4% rise from 2002.

An additional 67,000 were injured in motorcycle accidents.-NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) Motorcycle fatalities are not necessarily linked to any particular age group. However, it is known that motorcyclist's below the age of 20 (139 in 1999) and younger had a far fewer number of fatalities than the next age group of 20 to 29. (758 in 1999) Of course this may be due to the lower numbers of ownership in the prior age group, due to economic factors.

In this same year, motorcycles accounted for 2% of all vehicles registered in the United States The highest percentage of fatal accidents occurred with riders of a bike with a displacement above 749 CC. (Cubic Centimeters.) Also note that the average age of ownership of a motorcycle was over 40 in 1998, and based on data it is steeply rising every year, to the point that this age group now accounts for slightly over 50% of owners.

Between 50 and 55% of crashes were caused by multiple car crashes, whereas 45% were caused by single car crashes, and a very small percentage was caused by hitting stationary objects. Only 44% of cycle riders involved in fatal accidents did not wear a helmet, meaning 66% of those whom did wear a helmet, died invariably. While there is data suggesting the increased safety of wearing a helmet, perhaps helmets are not always effective.

While the data I am quoting seems to be slanted, or mistakenly incomplete in an effort to make the fault of accidents mostly the motorcyclists fault; the data does not and cannot support this. It would be like saying drunk drivers are the only reason there are vehicle wrecks. The fact of the matter is that fault is not always one of the motorcyclist's. The data that could not be found was what percentage of the other drivers (cars) were intoxicated, or speeding, or unlicensed? How many of the "other", drivers received a citation for DUI, or wreckless driving, or for negligence? The only thing we can be assured of is the fact that all accidents have variables, whether a driver is at fault is important. And I feel that if that information is not present, then that information becomes slanted.

I urge you, that if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you contact a qualified attorney. They are able to shift through these variables and through this apparent bias towards motorcyclists, to find what is most important: Who is at fault?.

Laurie Williams is an Internet marketer to the legal and professional services industry. Visit lawyerfinder.com to find out more about motorcycle accidents and the law

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